Get Simple, Practical
Insights to Help you
Be a More Effective
(and Joyful) Leader

Get Simple, Practical Insights
to Help You be a
More Effective (and Joyful) Leader

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Environment Matters

The group of 10 senior leaders I have been facilitating in Trinidad in a series of planning workshops over the last 2 months was different in our final workshop. In prior workshops they were focused, relaxed, participated fully with no distractions and were disciplined in the use of their cell phones. This time the energy was different.

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3 mindset shifts to find Blue Oceans

I am having a delightful time facilitating a client on their Blue Ocean Strategy exploration. Working with the leadership team over the past few weeks, I appreciate even more that the most important and powerful “tool” on this innovation journey is their mindset.

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Make the Competition Irrelevant

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere and our thoughts turn to the beach. With great anticipation of a lovely day, we pack our beach bags, prepare our picnic and herd our family and friends into the car. What would we do if when we got to the beach the water was red, turbulent and teeming with people?

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Make Peace with Time

One of the resources that a leader has to manage is time, his or her own and the time of others. The workplace is driven by time. There are specific hours for starting and ending the workday and for taking breaks with some having to physically clock in and out.

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Silence – a valuable tool for leaders

“But isn’t silence a sign of weakness?” my coachee asked. We were discussing a difficult meeting he had with his peers, who had pummeled him with questions for which he was unprepared. On reflection, he was very dissatisfied with his response which he felt came across as being defensive.

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