Get Simple, Practical
Insights to Help you
Be a More Effective
(and Joyful) Leader

Get Simple, Practical Insights
to Help You be a
More Effective (and Joyful) Leader

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Belling the HR cat

In my conversations with CEOs and other senior leaders, I often hear frustration and disquiet with the leadership of their Human Resource function. Because my work is in strategy, they express disappointment with the role he/she is playing in the formation and execution of strategy.

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When the playground bully turns up in your team

Do you ever wonder what happened to the playground bully of your childhood? The boy or girl who tormented you, called you names, hit you, teased you and any of the gamut of things that bullies do? Did he change? You wonder – did she outgrow her behaviour and become a sweet, caring soul? Wishful thinking …

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Forgiveness at Work

During a coffee break in workshop a few years ago, Megan asked if she could have a quiet word with me. Two years prior, she had applied for a position in the company and was passed over for someone else.

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Beware of those who agree with you

Of all the people on your team, you worry the least about Alex. A quick glance at Alex’s nodding head and slight smile, indicates to you that you are on the right track in meetings. Alex is quiet, always seated to the side of the room.

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Does Your Board Micromanage?

Does your Board micromanage? Do you feel that they are making decisions that are the purview of management? Do you believe they are requesting information that they really don’t need or shouldn’t have? Are they interfering in operational matters? It happens.

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