Get Simple, Practical
Insights to Help you
Be a More Effective
(and Joyful) Leader

Get Simple, Practical Insights
to Help You be a
More Effective (and Joyful) Leader

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Our Services in Detail

Marguerite Orane's Coaching Approach

Our wide and varied range of tools ensures that we have the right resources to help you achieve the results YOU want!

The Balanced Scorecard
We are expert practitioners of the Balanced Scorecard, having worked with a range of organizations – businesses, government ministries, public sector entities, NGOs and schools.

Blue Ocean Strategy
For those serious about disruption, we will guide you through a process for developing your Blue Ocean Strategy for creating uncontested market space where the competition is irrelevant.

Retreat Facilitation
We design exciting, results-focused, highly participatory retreats that energise, focus and challenge participants Issues.

The first step in solving a problem is to make sure you have identified it correctly.  In our focused facilitatory processes, we push, challenge and guide your team members to dig deep and courageously into the underlying issues and to come to resolution.

Our rapid brainstorming process pushes participants outside of their comfort zone in identifying alternatives for action.

Action Planning
We are big on action!  We know you are too.  We facilitate team action planning processes that establish clear outcomes, tasks, responsibilities, resources, time frames and feedback mechanisms.  Your team members leave our sessions knowing what to do next!

Focus Groups
We help you to zero in on key issues and delve deep into the underlying causes and concerns.  Our focus groups with employees or customers are designed to give you the information you need to make the right decisions!

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Following the development of your Balanced Scorecard, THE STRATEGY ACCELERATOR COACHING PROGRAM is designed to coach you as you lead the process of implementation and change. Only you can lead it. If you don’t, then the time and resources invested in developing the BSC will be wasted. Further, your credibility as an agent of change will be brought into question, as cynicism sets in. Critical in this stage, is that you:

a. Lead by example
b. Plan for and manage likely roadblocks
c. Be positive and inspiring by celebrating short term wins
d. Develop the team

At the commencement , we set indicators of success in implementing the strategy, developing your team and your own development. Over the next 11 months, up to your Annual Strategy Review, we meet every 2 weeks to review your progress, discuss challenges and opportunities, and chart critical actions for the next 2 weeks.

This program is all about ACCOUNTABILITY.

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Our signature Executive Coaching program.
There is no athlete who trains without a coach. They understand that peak performance is dependent on a committed coach who repeatedly says to them “You are more than you think you are” – and then supports them in achieving their goals. It is the same in organizations. In order to carry out your organization’s mandate, team members need someone who keeps them focused and on track, provide constructive feedback on performance and guidance in personal development. Coaching is imperative for team leaders and members:

  • On the leadership fast track
  • Newly promoted to leadership positions
  • Struggling with specific performance issues
  • Facing challenging situations e.g. conflict in their team
  • In a new environment e.g. new territory
  • Faced with a “stretch” goal

“Journey to Magnificence” is a 6-month program that uses an objective-focused, action-oriented approach geared to massive improvement in performance. Breakthroughs and massive results are quite normal in this program.

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Coaching has been described as the new leadership skill. Successful leaders coach. And truly exemplary leaders coach with excellence. To build a high performance team, developing the coaching skills of your executives is a must to ensure that team members receive ongoing feedback for improvement and reinforcement.

In workshops that use the highly effective Transformational Coaching conversations developed by Crane Consulting, we lead teams through a process of individual and shared behavioural change that is empowering and sustained over the long term.

We then support the Transformational Coaching workshop participants in honing their skills through a 6-month program of individual and group coaching support. At the end of this period, once they have done the work, coaching will have become a part of their DNA.

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Joyful Results

I have worked in different organisations with Marguerite's firm Growth Facilitators providing consultancy services in the areas of Balanced Scorecard implementation, strategic planning and coaching. The assignments were always handled with the utmost professionalism and Marguerite brought expert knowledge, finely honed interpersonal skills and a creative approach to these assignments. She is truly a top class business consultant who invariably adds immense value to her clients.

Hugh Reid
formerly of Victoria Mutual Group and National Housing Trust, now with Scotiabank