I love this time of year, less so for the Christmas flurry of partying, gift giving, celebration and yummy food, and more because it’s a time for me to reflect on the year that is about to end and to approach the new year with a sense of hope and new beginnings. The week in between Christmas and New Year’s Day is very special downtime for me. On January 1, I am ready to face the new year with energy, focus and joy, and the knowing that this year will be my best … to date! Here are 3 steps I will take to leap into 2018 with joy:

Take stock of 2017:

I will be reviewing 2017, month by month. For each month, I will:

  1. divide a page of my journal in two
  2. list the positives on one side and the negatives on the other
  3. draw an arrow from each negative to the positive side of the page and identify the silver lining from that experience. Because that’s where the growth comes from.
  4. At the bottom/end of each page, I will express gratitude for all – the good, the not so good, and the learning. This puts me into a very positive state, open to the possibilities of the new year

Travel light:

Despite most of my work being done digitally, I just cannot understand how paper accumulates. Unopened mail, files, workshop supplies, books, magazines are all piled up entreating me to sort, discard what I don’t need and carefully stash what I decide to keep. But there’s another aspect of decluttering that I need to do – the digital declutter. It’s so easy for us to allow this to accumulate by simply upgrading storage capacity. I have thousands of files that I need to sort through and categorise. I will not finish this next week, but I will start. Progress is happiness.

Be crystal clear on my intentions:

There’s a post that has gone viral on Social Media asking you to note one word for 2018. My word is “FOCUS.” I already have a number of intentions for each aspect of my life. I will be using the ONE THING method (click HERE for the blog I posted on it) to identify and focus on what is absolutely essential to my wellbeing in all areas of my life – health, wealth, work, spirituality, personal growth. All have to work together in order for 2018 to be my very best year. I will write down my intentions in my journal, and will do a Vision Board (download my Vision Board Guide HERE)

So please join me in making 2018 your very best year by:

  1. Taking stock of the positives and negatives of 2017
  2. Clearing your material and digital clutter
  3. Setting your intentions for 2018

May you experience an abundance of love, joy and laughter.
May you enjoy vibrant health and wellbeing.
May your relationships be harmonious and joyful.
May your work be purposeful and inspiring.
May all your needs be supplied with ease.
May you express your magnificence every single moment, blessing everyone with whom you come in contact.
May you find peace.
May you be peace.

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