2018 is here! May this be your best year (to date), when your dreams and aspirations manifest with ease, grace and joy.

In my last blog, I asked you to look for the silver linings in the negative experiences of 2017. I am sharing messages from two of my clients that reinforce how silver linings always appear:

Stephen’s home, like almost his entire island nation, was badly damaged in a hurricane in September.

“Thanks so much for your graciousness and for the opportunity for this priceless journey. As I ponder, I realize that 2017 was a special year in so many ways and I must take from it what builds me up. Amidst the disasters and tragedies that made it a particularly difficult year, I managed to renew myself and discovered a new, more positive and confident ME. The multiplier effects of this to my wife and daughter are invaluable. This is where it’s at ultimately.

Henry was referred to me a few months ago, as he was getting some very disconcerting hidden messages from his boss. This culminated in his being separated from his job in October.

“Just want to say many thanks for assisting me over the past two months.  Sometime in life, we try to rough it out and make it on our own – but that can only take us far! October / November last year was a difficult period where you definitely carried me through.  I want just to say thank for being there. One of the big POSITIVE that has come out of the past two months is how much closer I feel to my wife and the kids.  I also feel that we were a close family, but I have a new perspective now – I had a lot of work to do as a dad and as a husband.  And, that’s one area of my life that I will continue improving in the years to come.”

Marguerite (that’s me). The latter part of the year was challenging financially. I had lost focus in my business and was reaping the results, in terms of diminished cash flow. The silver lining was that I realised/remembered how little I really NEED (most things I buy are wants), and how much fun and joy comes my way when I release worry and the need for things. And with this, came my refocusing, so now my business is forward on track – with ease, grace and joy.

If you haven’t yet done so, list your dark clouds in 2017 and then find the silver lining in each. Make it a practice to find the silver linings behind every dark cloud as you traverse 2018. Because that’s where the growth comes from. As my client Stephen stated: “This is where it’s at ultimately.”

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