2016 was an amazing year! Yes, it was! I declared it my year to “Live Bold, Wander Far” and I did. And along the way, I met some wonderful people, had time to muse and learned/remembered some things, for which I am very grateful:

  1. Nigel, my friend for over 40 years, and one of the very few people who, when I declared “You know what I want to do for my 60 th birthday? Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro” – would immediately say “Yes, let’s do it.” And so, we did. There’s nothing like a good friend.
  2. My friend Betty, who in 2009 when I was moving to Canada and she to Tanzania exclaimed:
    “Marguerite! What you doing moving to Canada? Don’t you know the west is dead?” Her words reminded me that there is a whole world outside of America.
  3. Jahwani Hinds, an 18-year- old young man from Jamaica, the captain of the Wolmer’s High School football team, who demonstrated how to win with grace – click here to read article.
  4. Donald Trump, who with his electoral win, reminded me anything is possible.
  5. Hilary Clinton’s electoral loss which relit the feminist fire that I had in my teens!
  6. Van Jones who said “Love is the answer”, acted and created the Love Army. Love must be lived.
  7. Israel Kira, my expedition leader on Mt. Kilimanjaro, who demonstrated that exceptional leadership can be found in the most unexpected places.
  8. Dushyant Singh, my tour guide in India, who said “Things work in India, they just work differently.” Accept, don’t judge.
  9. Marcello Hadji, our guide in Rio, who reminded me that being Jamaican has nothing to do with being born in Jamaica, or ever being there. We are all one global village. One Love.
  10. Omar McLeod, the Jamaican 110m hurdles Olympic gold medallist, who reminded me that no matter what, “Just do you.”
  11. Usain Bolt and his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer, who demonstrate daily what being authentic is, whether you walk with princes or paupers, on red carpets or country roads.
  12. My clients, who trusted that with all the laughter, fun, elephants and fiddlies, we do get some serious and transformative work done! Work is better with joy.
  13. Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago who reminded me that great music is ageless, and in a heartbeat, will lift your spirits.
  14. My friend Mark, whose transition this year reminded me that we are here for a short time, which is best spent blessing and bringing joy to others, despite our own tribulations.
  15. My doggies, Betti and Itsy who no matter how long I leave home for – 30 minutes to the supermarket, or 3 weeks in Brazil – greet me at the door with absolute joy and abandon. Unconditional love. Every time.

But most importantly, I was reminded that the things that are important are not things – they are people (and doggies). And so, I look forward to 2017 – another amazing year of intention, focus and manifestation, of expressing my own magnificence, on my terms and in my way, of “just doing me.” I wish for you the same. Just do you. Because you are already magnificent, amazing and enough.

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