Get Simple, Practical
Insights to Help you
Be a More Effective
(and Joyful) Leader

Get Simple, Practical Insights
to Help You be a
More Effective (and Joyful) Leader

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It’s Company Policy

“Bring Maggie in,” I offered, not betraying the struggle I had just resolved in my own mind. “Bring Maggie in to work with you.”
Maggie is a baby, a baby not yet weaned. The CEO was giving Maggie’s mom permission to bring her to work.

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Aptitude or Attitude? Choose?

It is so easy to hire and so hard to fire. Getting the wrong person in the job has HUGE implications for your organization, so think about your hiring practices: Source of applicants: Where do you get your applicants? An advertisement? Job sites?

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Feedback Fear

As a coach, I am asked to help executives correct behaviour that has resulted in serious personal and organizational performance issues. Typically, the boss will call me and point out the deficiencies and the problems that have ensued. And I will ask: “Have you told him (or her)”?

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My 2014 Wishes for You

1. May you have clarity of purpose
2. May you find what you seek, and may it truly bring joy to your heart
3. May you have delightful relationships with your team members and customers
4. May you grow as a leader, tapping into your potential and rising into your magnificence

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The Greatest Leadership Practice

The great man amongst men, a conquering lion, has been laid to rest after 95 years of a most difficult and amazing trod on this earth. There are few who cannot be inspired by Nelson Mandela’s demonstration of courage, integrity, strength, and resilience.

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Little Things Make A Difference

Recently, I attended a luncheon where an assortment of sandwiches was served. Now typically, this presents a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes, to figure out what is in each sandwich, particularly if you have special dietary needs/preferences.

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Do You Work Too Hard?

Most of us work too hard. I know I do. I love my work, I love my clients. I work hard to help them solve their problems – with ease, grace and joy. And some of their problems are really big, so it means much thought, research, diligence, collaboration, communication and planning on my part.

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